The Personal Professional Development Fund (PPDF) was created as a result of the Louis Riel School Division and Louis Riel Teachers’ Association collective bargaining in the 2002 – 2003 school years.

 The Personal Professional Development Fund is intended to stimulate individual personal professional growth and provide financial assistance for as many teachers as possible. All teachers, except those on leave, have equal access to funds regardless of contract time.

 This financial assistance will be used to fund attendance at conferences, seminars, workshops, post-secondary courses, and professional programs organized by outside agencies. It may also be used to fund attendance for collaborative, teacher-initiated professional development activities as per the guidelines.

 This fund is intended to assist teachers in their personal professional development. It is recognized that this development will be of the kind that is beneficial to the division. An example of these benefits includes the sharing of information with other staff members and the development of expertise in areas deemed to be priorities in the division.

 For a detailed explanation of funds available and PPDF regulations view the PPDF Guidelines.




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