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The LRTA represents over 1200 members and is the third largest Teacher Association in the Province of Manitoba. Our Association is dedicated to protecting and advancing the rights and well-being of our members.

As a member of LRTA, it is important to note that you can call the LRTA Office at 204-929-5782 at any time. The LRTA President can also be reached by email at president@lrta.mbteach.org. For issues related to collective bargaining, contact the Vice President: Collective Bargaining at vp-cb@lrta.mbteach.org. For professional development concerns/questions and/or issues related to PPDF, contact the Vice President: Professional Development at vp-pd@lrta.mbteach.org. We shall provide member assistance with matters ranging from simple inquiries to more serious situations. All matters will be dealt with in confidence. As well, members may call the Manitoba Teachers’ Society at 204-888-7961 and request Staff Officer assistance.

Members should bookmark the LRTA website. Information about the LRTA, the LRTA Constitution, Bylaws, Policy Handbook, PPDF Guidelines, updates to the calendar, Rielity Check newsletters and important links can all be found on our website.

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President: Jay McGurran has been a classroom and student services teacher at various schools throughout Louis Riel since 2010.

Jay became an LRTA Council Representative in his first year of teaching and has previously served as Member at Large, Nominations and Resolutions Chair and Vice President Professional Development on the LRTA Executive. As President, he provides leadership and advocacy for the advancement of teacher welfare, as well as sitting as Co-Chairperson on the LRSD Workplace Safety and Health Committee.

Vice President Collective Bargaining: Scott Wood is a teacher at Glenlawn Collegiate with over twenty years of teaching experience and has a keen interest in the Humanities.

Scott has been active in the LRTA since 2009. He has worked on numerous Association Committees and has been a member of the LRTA Executive since 2013. In his current role as Vice President Collective Bargaining, Scott is proudly working on behalf of all members to achieve improved working conditions.

Vice President Professional Development: Jaclyn Porteous has been teaching since 2009 and currently teaches junior high students at Nordale School. She also works half time at the LRTA.

Jaclyn became involved with LRTA shortly after, serving as Council Rep for several years before being elected to the LRTA executive. She served as Employee Benefits Chair for several years while also serving on the PPDF Collective Bargaining Committee.  She was elected as Vice President of Professional Development in 2023.

Provincially, she has served on the Teaching and Learning, Employee Benefits Plan investment standing committees, and is currently sitting on the Disability Benefits Plan standing committee. She loves attending the MTS AGM in May, which she has been attending since 2014.

Secretary-Treasurer: Charmaine Rudnicki is an Early Years teacher at Shamrock School with more than 20 years of teaching experience. She supported the LRTA for several years as a Council Representative. In 2016, she began working with the LRTA Executive as a Member-at-Large and for four years was the Resolutions and Nominations Chairperson. She is currently the Secretary-Treasurer. Charmaine has been a member of the PPDF Committee for several years and continues to work with members to address the concerns of our teachers. She has represented the LRTA as a delegate at the MTS AGM several times.

Public Relations Chairperson: Karen Myshkowsky has been a teacher in the LRSD since 2013. She currently teaches English, Geography and Alternative Education at Glenlawn Collegiate. An LRTA Council Representative since 2016, in 2020 she joined the Executive to serve as Social Chair, subsequently being named to serve as the Public Relations Chair later that year. Karen has attended the MTS AGM as a delegate. She believes the role of Public Relations is fundamental to our profession and provides communication as well as strategy to inform our members of their rights and responsibilities through a variety of different mediums. Karen continues to connect with members in her role and to build upon the diversity of our Association.

Employee Benefits Chairperson: Becky Lauzé teaches grades 1 and 2 at Nordale School. She began teaching in 2012 and shortly after became an LRTA Council Rep. In 2015, she became Secretary-Treasurer for LRTA and remained in the position until 2018. She returned to LRTA executive in 2021 as a Member-at-Large. Becky has served on the Social Committee, and Bargaining Committee, and represented LRTA on the MTS Education Finance Standing Committee. She is currently on the Group Benefits Standing Committee for MTS.

Resolutions/Nominations: Marcela Cabezas, a Spanish and English teacher at Collège Jeanne-Sauvé, began teaching in 2003.

Early in her career, Marcela immediately became involved in the activities of the LRTA. First elected to the Executive as a Member-at-Large in 2006, Marcela went on to serve as Vice President Professional Development for five years, and as LRTA President from 2019-2023.

Provincially, Marcela has served on the MTS Professional Development Standing Committee as well as the Equity and Social Justice Standing Committee. Marcela also served as one of three commissioners appointed to the MTS Women in Education Leadership Commission. She is steadfast in her leadership and advocacy for teacher rights and welfare.

Equity and Social Justice Chairperson: Charlene Sacher is a student service teacher at École Sage Creek School and has been teaching since 2004.

She first became active in the Association as an alternate Council Rep in 2016 and has represented the LRTA as a delegate at the MTS Annual General Meetings as well represented SAGE council groups as an observer. As the Equity and Social Justice Chairperson, Charlene hopes to bring members together through the planning of a variety of activities and virtual events that will allow members to work towards a more sustainable and equitable community.

LRASA Representative: Lyette Carrière has been in education for 30 years. The first ten years of her career was in the classroom with grades 1-9 and the last 20 years in administration. She has been involved with LRASA for many years and joined the Executive as LRASA Representative in 2023.

Social Chairperson: Laurie Tyndall is a grade 5 teacher at École St. Germain. Laurie became active in the LRTA when she started in the division in 2015 and was eager to learn more. She joined the Executive as Social Chairperson in the last few months of the 2021-2022 school year. She is looking forward to planning social events for all LRTA members.

Éducatrices et Éducateurs Francophones du Manitoba Chairperson: Paulette Sabourin is Vice-Principal at École St.Germain with more than 30 years of experience in education. She joined Louis Riel School Division in 2006 and has worked as a Student Services Teacher at Archwood School, École Varennes, École Julie Riel, École St.Germain and École George Mcdowell. She has previously served as ÉFM school representative and has also been a member of the LRTA Equity and Social Justice Committee.

Indigenous Education: Rose Bird is a member of the Indigenous Education Support Team and has been with the division since 2012.  Rose currently teaches the Indigenous Language and Culture Course at Dakota Collegiate and Nelson McIntyre Collegiate. Rose joined the LRTA Executive in 2023.

Member at Large: Curtis Lowton  (he/him) taught in rural Manitoba and northern BC before joining St. Vital School Division in 1999. Curtis currently teaches half-time at Samuel Burland School (grade 5/6) and half-time as an itinerant teacher-librarian (Archwood and Hastings Schools). He completed a term on MTS’s Teacher-Led Learning Team (TLLT) where he co-developed two professional workshops on enhancing staff teamwork and creating inclusive classrooms for 2SLGBTQIA+ students. As a Member at Large, Curtis enjoys the opportunity to serve on various LRTA committees, including Equity & Social Justice, PPDF, and Resolutions. Last year, Curtis chaired the Community Investments ad hoc committee. This year he chairs an ad hoc committee for 2SLGBTQIA+ teachers in our association. Curtis continues to learn more about equity, advocacy, unionism, and wellness.

Member at Large: Kim Melvin has been a teacher, coordinator and school administrator in the Louis Riel School Division for over 25 years. She has worked as a member of the LRTA Ad Hoc Women in Educational Leadership Committee since 2018. Kim joined the LRTA Executive as Member at Large in 2023.

Member at Large: Leah Dilworth has been teaching for over 25 years. She joined LRSD in 2013 and has taught at Glenlawn Collegiate and Highbury School. She is currently teaching grade 5/6 at Glenwood School. Prior to joining Executive, Leah was an LRTA Rep for three years and attended MTS Provincial Council. Leah joined the Executive in 2023. She is new to Executive Council and is starting in the role of Member-at-Large. Leah believes strongly in the strength of the union and is looking forward to being a part of LRTA Executive, giving back to the profession and supporting our Members.




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