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Become a Council Representative

Time Commitment: 1 meeting/month

Council Representatives and Alternates attend one LRTA meeting per month from September through June. These meetings provided participants with deeper insight into the work of the Association and the Society, while providing members with an opportunity to voice concerns and advocate on behalf of their colleagues. Held every third Wednesday at ATC, LRTA Council meetings typically last an hour and a half. Supper is provided. A half day of training is provided to Council Representatives in alternating years.

While it is indeed true that our union makes us stronger, it is the active participation of our members within the Association and the Society which are our sources of strength. Building capacity, continuity, and collaboration are essential to the health of our organization.

Become an Executive Member

Time Commitment: 2 meetings/month, MTS AGM, and additional responsibilities

Executive Members play a crucial role in the vitality and ongoing work of the Association. In addition to attending LRTA Council Meetings, LRTA Executive members also attend one Executive meeting per month from September through June.

Depending on their portfolio, additional time commitments and responsibilities may be involved such as chairing committee meetings, organizing events, and/or attending MTS seminars.

For more information regarding a portfolio, please contact the LRTA Office for more details.

Become a Committee Member

Member input and participation is critical to the strength of our Association. There exist a variety of Committees that play to the passions and strengths of our members; from Public Relations, Social, Equity and Social Justice, Bargaining and more. Your ideas, voice, and time make a difference to the collective. Please consider taking part in our work. Should you wish to become more actively involved within the LRTA, please complete the form below:

If you want to become more involved at the Provincial level, please visit the Manitoba Teacher’s Society at


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