Cynthia Taylor – Biography

Cynthia began her teaching career eighteen years ago in London, England. Upon return in 2002, Cynthia was hired by the Louis Riel School Division; the same division where she was born and raised. Cynthia has taught at the Senior Years levels in varied assignments that have included English Language Arts, Computer Science, Teacher Librarian and her current assignment of Student Services teacher at Glenlawn Collegiate.

Cynthia has been a very active leader in the work of the Manitoba Teachers’ Society and the Louis Riel Teachers’ Association for the better part of the last decade. Cynthia served for five years on the Equity and Social Justice Standing Committee and three years on the Life and Honourary Membership Committee. Cynthia’s leadership skills are evident as she serves on the LRTA Executive as Public Relations Chair and on the Personal Professional Development Fund Committee.

Cynthia was elected to the Provincial Executive in 2017. She has been the chair of the Equity and Social Justice Standing Committee and is presently the chair of the Professional Development Standing Committee. She also serves as SAGE Council Chair, Teacher Led Learning Team Liaison (TLLT) as well as Regional Facilitator to the South East region.

Cynthia believes in a Society that embraces and empowers its diverse membership. She is supported by her partner Christian and her two children Remy and Crosby who have shared their time to allow Cynthia to pursue those initiatives which promote advocacy and equity for all.

Cynthia Taylor – Election Statement

I am honoured and excited by the possibility of re-election to the Provincial Executive. My commitment, work ethic and ability to question will allow me to continue to provide effective leadership for The Society. In a time of increasing unrest, our attention must remain steadfast to understanding the needs of a complex classroom, the impacts of poverty and mental health, workload, and teacher-life balance. We require strong leadership and continued strength as a union to address the working lives of teachers and public education.

Over the last two years, I have seen the efforts of teachers across this province to create diverse learning opportunities for their students and colleagues. I have acquired an understanding of The Society and its function and recognize that the organization must continue to reflect its diversity and varied needs. We must be willing to call upon those who reflect a different lens and to challenge our own learning through mentorship and professional alliance.

I represent the current face of education in Manitoba; my perspective comes from being a woman, a visible minority and a first generation Canadian. My purpose is to shed light on the diversity of our organization and to allow others to share their stories and leadership expertise. With your support, I will commit to the work of The Society and to the engagement of our members. I will continue to advocate for all Manitoba teachers through the role of Member at Large.